Do ultrasonic bark control devices work?

dog isn't barking because of anti bark device

There has been a lot of talk in the media recently about how to get a dog to stop barking. There is a multitude of training and technology options available. What do you choose? Do ultrasonic bark control devices work?  In short: they can. The technology is sound but it depends on the dog. Fortunately, … Read more

Mixing dog food brands

is mixing dog food a good idea?

Is it okay to mix dog food brands? In short, it is not recommended to do this. This disrupts the balance of food that can affect the metabolic and skeletal systems of your pet.  This idea is definitely tempting. After all, let’s say you want to switch your puppy’s dog food to Hill’s Science Diet. … Read more

Is your dog whining in crate all of a sudden?

dog whining in roomy crate

Having the problem of your dog whining in  a crate (especially all of a sudden) often is a frustrating problem. You’re probably going to have to try multiple solutions. Some of these might take a few weeks to attempt (especially the training) It will be exhausting but for sure it will be worth it in … Read more

Best Dog Breath Freshner

Everyone loves their dog. What they don’t love is bad doggie breath (frequent for more hounds than others). It’s not fun getting you face licked by a foul smelling tongue. Puppy kisses are definitely not as good when your dog’s breath is awful. Here are some tips on dealing with it. Remember, it’s something that … Read more