Natural Ways to Prevent and Kill Fleas

Image: dogsnaturallymagazine Spring usually means outdoor adventure with your pet, blooming flowers, and sadly, fleas. These pests cause many problems to dogs including skin allergies, tapeworm, hotspots, bartonella and anemia. Rather than investing in expensive flea and tick treatment for dogs or top of the range chemical pesticides, you can consider trying natural products. They are not only[…]

7 Tips for Settling a Puppy into a New Home

If you’ve decided to welcome a new furry friend into your home, congratulations! Puppies are fun, loving, cuddly, and energetic – but they can also be a real handful if you’ve never had to deal with getting them situated in a new environment. To make the transition a little easier, here are a few basic tips on settling your[…]

What Makes A Dog Mans (and, Women) Best Friend?

Most humans know the word dog and that it associates with another name, canine. However, there is probably only a few that know dogs are a mammal in the order Carnivora. If you do not understand what carnovia is, here is an explanation. Carnivore is any species that is from the mammalian order. Carnivora, or “flesh Devourers” is[…]

How Wireless Dog Fence Works – Mechanism of Action

We have engaged in some discussions concerning the dog fences, but we never tackled how the wireless dog fence works. It will be of great pleasure to feed you with the right information that you are keen to receive. A significant number of us mostly fail to remember that when you learn enough of something, you increase the[…]