Equestrian and Dog Relationships

Horses and dogs are often found in the same household. You’d be hard-pressed to find a horse owner that did not also have at least one dog! This is helped by the fact that horses and dogs often get along quite well. However, with such a large animal involved, there can be an inherent danger. The size of[…]

6 Life-Changing Airbnb Experiences for Dog Lovers

Many of us would do anything to be with our favorite animal, the dog. We would stop passersby on the sidewalk, asking permission to pet their furry companions. Driving past a dog park, we would crane our necks just to catch a glimpse of happy little doggos chasing one another. Our love for dogs is a burning passion.[…]

Natural Ways to Prevent and Kill Fleas

Image: dogsnaturallymagazine Spring usually means outdoor adventure with your pet, blooming flowers, and sadly, fleas. These pests cause many problems to dogs including skin allergies, tapeworm, hotspots, bartonella and anemia. Rather than investing in expensive flea and tick treatment for dogs or top of the range chemical pesticides, you can consider trying natural products. They are not only[…]